About The Disappearing Laser-Pulses, During Full-Moons

One fact which I’ve known about for some time, is that Astronauts have left reflectors on the moon, which Scientists have subsequently been able to bounce laser-pulses off, to measure changes in the distance, of the moon’s orbit.

One fact which I’ve only learned about tonight, is the existence of multiple reflectors, at multiple sites.

Another fact which I’ve only learned about tonight, is that during a full moon, apparently, the reflected pulses seem to disappear. Apparently, this phenomenon has baffled some thinkers.

My mind conjures a plausible explanation for this phenomenon, in less time than it takes to state what the phenomenon is.

Science and Technology today has specialized in devising complex circuits, which have feedback loops, non-linearities, and gain-adjustment behaviors, which we don’t even keep track of anymore.

During a full moon, the angle of the sun’s light is approximately the same, as the angle of light from lasers on the Earth.

Possibility 1:

This could mean that the reflectors also send some of the sun’s light, that hits them, into the direction of the measuring base set up, as the source of laser-pulses.

What I imagine Scientists have done is to feed the output from highly sensitive amplifiers, through a high-pass filter, so that only changes in the intensity of the light, short enough to correspond to a laser-pulse, will pass through the high-pass filter. But then, if the gain of the amplifier that precedes the high-pass filter decreases for any reason, the intensity of the HF component, of the signal, should also decrease.

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