Low-Performing InkScape Extension, for TikZ Export.

One of the facts which I’ve been writing about is, that the application ‘InkScape’ supports exporting its graphics to the ‘PSTricks’ flavour of .TEX-File. It does this out-of-the-box and without apparent error. But I have also written that A flavour of .TEX-File exists, which is the PGF/TikZ form. And Linux has few graphical, interactive editors, to be able to create this file-format, because again, the file that is being sought is a text file. It would be nice of InkScape could additionally output to this format, since InkScape is a powerful, GUI-based graphics application.

Well as it happens, It’s possible to add some meagre extensions to InkScape, in user-space, or with elevated privileges. One such extension is called ‘svg2tikz‘, and so at first glance it would seem that users can benefit fully. But as is often the case, there are caveats with using this one extension.

(Updated 3/10/2018, 7h30 … )

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