Routine Apache Server Update Today

One fact which I mention often, is that I use my home computer, which I name ‘Phoenix’, as a Web-server, and as the hosting server for this blog.

For any readers who have questions on how this is possible, I’d direct you Here.

Updates which are somewhat remarkable, such as an actual update to the Web-server, but which seemed to take place without any technical problems, I document in this blog as ‘routine updates’.

The update to my Apache Web-server, that brought it up to version ‘2.4.10-10+deb8u9‘, just took place today. Doing so actually does require a restart of the server. But that kind of restart simply takes place within a few seconds, and without any detriment to the availability of the site, because of the way Web-servers generally work.



Major Upgrade This Evening, Downtime

Both the Linux-laptop I name ‘Klystron’, and the server of this Web-site, this server being named ‘Phoenix’, received a major update this evening. On ‘Phoenix’, a total of 78 packages needed to be updated, including a Kernel-Update, and a Graphics-Driver Update. This collective update effectively converted both computers from Debian 8.7 to Debian 8.8 systems. And both updates appear to have succeeded, at first glance without breaking anything.

However, this was an update that required a reboot for ‘Phoenix’, even though this is my Web-server, and so my site was also down briefly, from approximately 20h40 until 20h50.

I am happy to say however, that ‘Phoenix’ had been running for 58 days straight, without requiring any reboot whatsoever until tonight.

Oh, but I must disappoint some of my readers with the fact that performing these updates also required I restart my ‘memcached‘ service, which means that pages or postings the readers like to visit most often will be a bit slower to fetch, until this server-side caching is replenished.



Routine WordPress update this morning went smoothly.

I host this blog on my own server, thereby maintaining a version of WordPress which is a combination of the Debian / Jessie packaged version, and of plug-ins from . It is therefore often a source of stress for me when Debian pushes-through an update, but rather than for the reason a previous update was botched, because such an update might not be compatible with my localization of the software.

This afternoon starting from 12h04, such an update took place, putting my WordPress version at ‘4.1+dfsg-1+deb8u13‘ officially.

Thankfully, the update went smoothly, and did not appear to break anything.