I have canceled my subscription to Spotify.

I have already commented that I own a Roku]. Well one of the features of this device which I wanted to have enabled, was its Spotify Channel, so that I could stream music through the Roku.

Unfortunately I have already observed, that even though the Android Spotify app is well-managed, and allows me to manage my playlists, the company has not put any serious effort into getting their Roku Channel working.

Since it was not my purpose just to subscribe to one more music-streaming service, but rather to have this on my Roku, I felt that I had no choice but to cancel my Spotify subscription.

In fact their support for the Roku has deteriorated, and not improved.



The Spotify App on Roku Again

As I wrote in this earlier posting, I did create a membership with Spotify, specifically so that I would be able to get its music to play in the background, on my Roku. But one glitch which I did hint at, was that continuous playback in shuffle-mode would just stop after some amount of time, while most of my Internet-surfing activity works fine, and while most of my Roku channels also play fine.

Actually, all I had said was that this Spotify player was unstable as it stands.

I just wanted to point out, that this problem has been written about elsewhere. The problem seems to be, that Spotify does not update its Roku player-channel specifically.

Well if my Spotify membership was to continue and this problem just persisted indefinitely, I would also need to reconsider it. My main reason would be, the fact that I saw this as my main reason to join Spotify.

Now, I understand that software does not just spring out of the ground, and that programming is hard work, but other software-projects see frequent updates. It would not be unreasonable to expect the same of Spotify.

BTW, My Roku is a Roku Ultra, with Software Version 7.5.1, Build 4095.

This actually means that I have the latest update, and no reason to think that the problem is with the Roku itself.



Planning to get in touch, with more-modern music.

I am a 52-year-old man, who has mainly been listening to music from my own era, from when I was a teenager. This is a completely normal thing to do.

Also, I have known people who claim, that everything – including music – which was produced in this era, is not as good as things were in our era.

I find this last statement to be absurd. There existed geniuses in the 1970s and 1980s – even young geniuses. There is no reason to assume that our Society has simply stopped producing geniuses. What this means is that rather than judging everything which is produced today, it might make better sense to try understanding it.

Now that I have a Spotify account, in addition to my Google Play Music account, this could be an opportunity for me to explore modern music. With Google Play Music, I have been listening to a collection as I went through my daily routines, that stem mainly from my era. But on Spotify, I am making an effort to add music to my playlists, which is more from the era today.

Thus, I could end up listening to music on my Roku when I am home, that actually contrasts with what I have been listening to on my phone. And if there are glitches, we will just have to troubleshoot those, so that the glitches are solved! :)



I finally put Spotify on my Roku.

In this earlier posting, I wrote that I had acquired a ‘Roku’, and that one feature which was glaring at me, was that button with the ‘Spotify’ logo, which was designed to launch this music-streaming app, but which was also designed to attract Roku customers to Spotify.

The tremendous allure of this finally melted my brain, and one button on the remote which did not work just had to be fixed. I signed up for a Spotify account, of which I am being offered a Premium subscription, the first 30 days of which are free.

Because I was already a customer of Google Play Music, I accept that there will be some duplication of services, and for the moment have decided that this is here to stay.

I must say though, that the Roku Spotify channel specifically, strikes me as a bit unstable. I find that the Android app is 100x better, because to have reliable responses to taps and clicks and button-pushes, helps me with my experience. I think their Roku app needs a little updating.

But that can easily happen with some of the Roku channels. Their ‘Netflix’ channel is a highly polished app, that seems to work like a charm. But OTOH, there exist numerous so-called ‘Private Channels’, which were designed by amateurs, and which do not work well – or which do not work at all! But then again, we usually do not pay for those Private Channels.

Even though I am willing to pay for it, I find that the way the Spotify channel works on Roku, is a bit more like one of the Private Channels. I am looking forward to some future improvements in its stability.

At first I was experiencing that playlists, which I had created using the Web-player in my PC browser, did not update to the Roku channel. And just this evening it was happening to me, that the streams would not start to play. I would select to shuffle my main playlist, the channel would go to a random song within the playlist, but then the music would just not start to play.

And this cannot have a consistent explanation because at random, playback would start working again, without my having applied any sort of solution to the problem.


P.S. What seems to have solved this problem for the time being, was to log the Roku channel out of my Spotify account, and then to log in again.