I just Kiboshed my Last Remaining Windows Computer…

As it last stood, I still possessed one remaining Windows computer, which was a 64-bit Octa-Core (threaded as 4) running Windows 7, a tower-computer which has 12GB of RAM, and which I had named ‘Mithral’.

I finally completed my conversion, kicked Windows off that computer, and installed an up-to-date Linux desktop onto it.

The distribution which I chose to start with, was ‘Kanotix‘, which I have been subscribing to for decades now. However, I cannot name this installation a direct Kanotix installation. The reason for this is the fact that the last Kanotix version which their team distributed a ‘KDE’-based version of, was called “Kanotix Spitfire”, and was based on Debian / Jessie, which is also known as Debian 8, and which is not state-of-the-art. Kanotix has been offering a leaner version of all their distributions, which use ‘LXDE’ as their desktop manager, for some time now, starting with ‘Spitfire’. Their latest distribution is called “Kanotix Steelfire”, is based on Debian / Stretch, aka Debian 9, but is only offered from their site as an LXDE-based version.

LXDE stands for ‘Lightweight X Desktop Environment’, and what was ‘KDE version 4′, has been replaced with ‘Plasma 5′, although the last time I checked, there was still no official Plasma 5 -based ‘Kanotix Steelfire’ version.

And so what I did, was to install their LXDE-based version of ‘Steelfire’, and then to use the Debian package-manager to click together an arbitrary Plasma 5 Desktop Manager, which I was also able to actualize as my new Desktop Manager.


Right now I don’t have much installed on it, except for Plasma 5, but more software is to come. The screen-shot above, also prominently shows the ‘gkrellm’ widget, that gives me real-time usage-data, that all my Linux-based systems have, except for the one tablet.

When I install a whole new O/S, I also change the name of the computer in question. The one I’m writing about is now named ‘Plato’. ‘Mithral’ is no longer with us.

It’s not necessarily a good practice for novice users, ‘just to click together’ a Desktop Manager in this way, because there may be compatibility issues which specific users are not aware of. For example, the new Kanotix version, just like all of Debian / Stretch, no longer uses ‘kdm’ to start and stop sessions, as a starting-point for causing Plasma 5 sessions to run. I found that I was able to overcome the hurdles, but then the Plasma 5 version Kanotix is about to recommend in the future, may not be an exact match of the one I ‘created’. In fact, it most-probably won’t be.

But what I have works.

(Edit 10/17/2017 : )

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