Re-Establishing the Use of my Wacom Tablet, After the Reinstall.

One of the subjects which I had posted about before was, that on the computer I was naming ‘Plato’, with Debian / Stretch and Plasma 5.8 installed, I was able to configure a Wacom (sketching) Tablet, using a specialized shell-script, but also using the ‘xsetwacom’ command because Wacom Tablets are especially Linux-friendly, enough so to have their own packages in the repositories.

The real status of that project was, that earlier Linux builds had used an input library in connection with their X-server, that is being replaced with a newer input library, and that the availability of settings in the Plasma 5 Settings Panel was lacking because a new module required re-coding. Hence, ‘Plato’ had no relevant settings module, for which reason I needed to use my own script to configure the tablet.

What has happened in the meantime is, that I’ve had to reinstall the O/S on that computer, after which it is now named ‘Phosphene’, and that I’m reestablishing capabilities which I had already established earlier, including eventually to use my Wacom Tablet again. And as I clicked on my custom script, I found that I was no longer able to disable “Finger Touch” because such a sub-device is no longer registered with the ‘xsetwacom’ command.

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LXDE and Plasma 5 .desktop -Files don’t meet the same requirements.

I’ve just switched a Linux computer of mine from the LXDE to the Plasma 5 desktop managers, because Plasma 5, the successor to KDE 4, is infinitely more-powerful. But then there were some issues with the transition, that may be relevant to my readers, if the readers also wish to switch desktop-managers, on an installed Linux computer.

One fact which I learned, was that even though LXDE and Plasma 5 both use .desktop -Files to launch applications, each system’s .desktop Files are different.

There is a directory named:


In which we find .desktop -Files that are to be run when the user first logs in. And we may find that the initial log-ins don’t run those files:


Also, because the configuration in question is just a set of files, trying to click on these entries  in the Plasma 5 settings center does not enable them.

One main reason for which this happens, is the fact that the professional who set up these configuration files, gave the original ones a line that goes like this:


On my system, this fact was a life-saver, because the LXDE version initially had Compiz installed, which is a fun compositor, but which is not compatible with KDE or Plasma 5. If that had launched, it would have messed up my first attempt to establish a Plasma 5 session.

But there exist other applications which I’d want to have run, even if I’m logging in to Plasma 5, for which reason I used the GUI, to create a Plasma 5 -compatible launcher for the script that updates my version of Flash to the latest version:


And I edited-in a line with a text-editor, which now goes:


The exact appearance of the icons here is purely coincidental. But if we wanted to transfer such scripts to:


Then a big problem for a user like me would be, that scripts which we created in our own home-folders, are likely to contain configuration-details, which will only work for the one user who created them. And so I kept this .desktop -File spartan, to make sure that it will work, regardless of whose home-folder it eventually ends up in.