An Oddity which greets me, When I Log In to my Blog Each Morning

One of the facts which I have written about at length, is that I take the somewhat unconventional approach, of hosting my own site, on my own server at home.

And while my site has different parts to it, one important part to it is this ‘’ blog.

One of the facts which I have learned about, is that it serves requested pages using PHP Scripts, that run synchronously. Thus, if the script was to stall in its effort to return a value – a quantity of HTML – then the user / client could be staring at a browser, with a spinning wheel that says it is waiting for the page to be fetched – for quite a long time.

But I am still quite comfortable in the idea, that this only affects my blog in unimportant ways. For example, if the blog-engine is looking specifically for updates to any of its plug-ins, then it is waiting for the site of every plug-in author, to report back to it, whether one plug-in has an update pending.

Since my instance of has about 20 plug-ins installed, the probability that one plug-in author could not be responding, is not equal to zero. Yet, the PHP Script that is looking for any updates, is still running synchronously.

What some people might think, is that in such a situation, all they would need to do is contact the same site again, from the same browser, and thus force a new thread to serve them. But this is actually in error, because my Apache server is set up, to delegate one session, to one Apache sub-process. Thus, my server will recognize, in this case, that the IP address connecting is ‘’, and it will send further requests for the page, back to the same sub-process, which was given the task to serve one session. This server is session-aware and optimized to be so.

Also, when I want to look at my Dashboard, the first time I do so in the morning, the server thread responsible for ‘’ also includes a new search for plug-in updates. So I can sometimes wait for a while. After that, all my access-requests to my Administrative Dashboard, become fast as easy again.

I am confident that this mainly affects my ability to fetch certain pages as the Administrative Identity, and that this has not yet affected clients / browsers, who simply want a page of my blog served out. If it was to affect them, there would be a more-serious problem for me to address.

If this has affected You, I recommend you tell me about it, by leaving a Comment.