IRISNotes Digital Pen Again

According to This Earlier Posting, I recently dusted off my ‘IRISNotes Digital Pen’ (not the Version 2), and found ways of synchronizing its internal store of pages with a Linux computer.

I might think that this pen could be a fun toy to play with, if it was not for the high rate of self-discharge of the internal battery, of the receiver. After each day of not being used, the receiver needs to be charged for another 1-2 hours, and after several days of disuse, it needs to be recharged for the full 3 hours again, that are consistent with a completely empty battery. I do not know the reason for this, because even a somewhat ruined battery should not behave quite that badly. But consistently recharging it, does not fix the problem in any way, which remains constant.

If I was to make use of this pen, I would want to be able to leave it in its case, and even take the case with me for several days, and then be able to just take it out of the case and use it. As soon as it needs a 3-hour charge, because I have kept it in its case, it becomes uninteresting to play with.