The latest Roku firmware update seems to have fixed a glitch.

In this earlier posting, I had written that my Roku Ultra had a glitch.

More specifically, this glitch involved the ‘Anynet+’ feature, by which the Roku can wake up the TV it’s connected to, when we only turn on the Roku. This should happen due to the HDMI cable that connects them, because of this named protocol.

Previously, this feature was only working intermittently.

The Roku received a Firmware Update dated May 5, which seems to have fixed that problem. Now it seems to happen reliably, that when I just turn on my Roku, my TV also turns on, and switches to the input automatically, that the Roku is connected to.



I have canceled my subscription to Spotify.

I have already commented that I own a . Well one of the features of this device which I wanted to have enabled, was its , so that I could stream music through the .

Unfortunately I have already observed, that even though the app is well-managed, and allows me to manage my playlists, the company has not put any serious effort into getting their working.

Since it was not my purpose just to subscribe to one more music-streaming service, but rather to have this on my , I felt that I had no choice but to cancel my subscription.

In fact their support for the has deteriorated, and not improved.



The Spotify App on Roku Again

As I wrote in this earlier posting, I did create a membership with , specifically so that I would be able to get its music to play in the background, on my . But one glitch which I did hint at, was that continuous playback in shuffle-mode would just stop after some amount of time, while most of my Internet-surfing activity works fine, and while most of my channels also play fine.

Actually, all I had said was that this player was unstable as it stands.

I just wanted to point out, that this problem has been written about elsewhere. The problem seems to be, that does not update its player-channel specifically.

Well if my membership was to continue and this problem just persisted indefinitely, I would also need to reconsider it. My main reason would be, the fact that I saw this as my main reason to join .

Now, I understand that software does not just spring out of the ground, and that programming is hard work, but other software-projects see frequent updates. It would not be unreasonable to expect the same of .

BTW, My is a , with .

This actually means that I have the latest update, and no reason to think that the problem is with the Roku itself.



The 59th Grammy Awards

I just watched the first hour and five minutes of the Grammy Awards, and I made it a point to watch them on my . I do not feel like writing which channel I used to do so, and one reason is the fact that by the time the reader reads this, the Grammy Awards Show will be over.

I do want to note that the performance of this device was good. There were some brief interruptions due to buffering, but this is easily explained by the extraordinarily high number of viewers who tuned in, just to stream them over the Internet.

The Grammy Performances were indeed very good.