I’ve Upgraded my Permalinks.

There was a subject in Web-hosting, which I was not even aware of until recently. Often, when a site offers URLs to the browser, those URLs contain a question-mark, followed by variables and values, such as Posting Numbers. Those question-marks explicitly invoke a CGI script on the server, which in this case is written in PHP.

Well as long as that’s happening, the URLs are not fully ‘permalinks’. Full permalinks are URLs which seem to extend beyond the real file system with slashes, and which the Web site rewrites in-place, when the browser requests them, to translate them into CGI-calls. This requires a server module to be loaded, which in the case of Apache is named ‘mod_rewrite.c’ , and of course it requires that the rules for doing so be defined, before the CGI script is even invoked.

Until very recently it was not really necessary for the links on my blog to be of that type. But what I’ve just done in the past few days, was make the site multilingual. And since this relies on machine translations, this can look very ugly to search engines. So with my new rewrite rules, the German translation of my site is virtually at


And the French version is at


That way the search engines can keep them all nice and tidy, even though those are the derived ones.

And naturally, from about 14h30 through 15h00 today, clicking on the actual, new permalinks also caused some 404 Errors, until I got all that sorted out, which it should be by now. If people are having later problems with the new permalinks, please leave me a Comment about it…