The Old USB Key was Most Definitely Defective.

During This Preceding Posting, I had written that today I saw the need to dispose of an older USB Key in favor of a newer one.

With the older Key, for some reason my speed had gone down to USB 1 speeds as well. But I had let it run for a few hours, to transfer a photo album from the computer I name ‘Phoenix’, to the one I name ‘Klystron’. There were roughly 6000 photos, in 200 folders.

After replacing the USB Key, of course the thought had occurred to me, that the transfer itself was suspect. So on ‘Klystron’, I ran a quick preview of the sub-folders. At random, about 1/4 of the sub-folders contained image-files, whose data revealed no images.

And so what I now did, was to repeat the procedure with my new Sony USB Key. It was able to load the images – which take up 7.8GB of storage – from ‘Phoenix’ at USB 2 speeds (20 Megabytes / Second), and save them to ‘Klystron’ at USB 3 speeds (80 Megabytes / Second). Hence, the repeat of that procedure merely required a few minutes of my time. In the process, the USB Key got warm.

Now, it would seem that there is no more corruption in the files, belonging to the sub-folders, as stored on ‘Klystron’.