Some Music may be Suitable for Surround-Sound.

One question which older members of the population might ask themselves, is whether it makes any sense, for people to be listening to music with surround-sound.

This question – or rather bias – stems from the way much music was mixed-down in the 1970s and 1980s, where the Artists applied a catch-as-catch-can approach, to creating Stereo. In fact back then, the goal was often even to confuse how the listener hears sound, using phase-shifts, and thus to be psychedelic. And so a basis exists to think, that electronic music especially, was never meant to be heard in surround-sound.

But the situation has changed since then. For several decades, some FM radio stations have been offering some music in surround-sound. And further, much of the old music from the 1970s has also been remastered, with more-modern technical considerations.

Before I could know whether a friend of mine is listening to Beethovens 9th Symphony, I cannot be sure whether what he says is real, and so I generally give people the benefit of the doubt. And, if he says he is listening to Neil Young, does he mean the way he recorded in the 1970s, or is he referring to a recording, which Neil Young personally remastered after the year 2000? ;)