Planning to get in touch, with more-modern music.

I am a 52-year-old man, who has mainly been listening to music from my own era, from when I was a teenager. This is a completely normal thing to do.

Also, I have known people who claim, that everything – including music – which was produced in this era, is not as good as things were in our era.

I find this last statement to be absurd. There existed geniuses in the 1970s and 1980s – even young geniuses. There is no reason to assume that our Society has simply stopped producing geniuses. What this means is that rather than judging everything which is produced today, it might make better sense to try understanding it.

Now that I have a Spotify account, in addition to my Google Play Music account, this could be an opportunity for me to explore modern music. With Google Play Music, I have been listening to a collection as I went through my daily routines, that stem mainly from my era. But on Spotify, I am making an effort to add music to my playlists, which is more from the era today.

Thus, I could end up listening to music on my Roku when I am home, that actually contrasts with what I have been listening to on my phone. And if there are glitches, we will just have to troubleshoot those, so that the glitches are solved! :)