OpenGL | ES

I have frequently blogged about the existence of ‘OpenGL‘, which is both an open-source alternative to ‘DirectX’, and an API for communicating 3D graphics directly to a graphics card. It mainly gets used on PCs.

Well I thought I should mention, that the version of that API which gets used in smart-phones and tablets, including under Android and iOS, is actually named ‘OpenGL | ES‘ . The ‘ES’ stands for ‘Embedded Systems’.

(Update 12/09/2017 : )

Some users might wonder, if they use the Android utility I suggested above, why their devices show as having both GLES 1.x and GLES 3.y .

My personal guess would be, that the compositing only requires GLES 1.x , so that as long as the hardware provides that, Android will run. OTOH, If we’re playing “Baldur’s Gate”, then this app will require the full power of GLES 3.y …