Planned Power Cut, Future Downtime

One of the unusual things I do, is to host my Web-site as well as this blog, on a PC at home, acting as Web-server. This does not really mean that everybody should do it this way; this is just how I happen to do it.

One side effect this has, is to make the reliability with which my site and blog can be viewed, no better than a number of things, that would not affect professionally hosted sites, but that include things like the availability of power, the quality of my Internet connection, and also, how well the computer itself works, in my case.

My power utility is planning a cut, from about 8h00 until about 17h00 this coming Monday, September 28, to perform routine work on their infrastructure. I just received a courtesy call to that effect this morning. What I was also told was, that if the utility cannot perform its work on that day, they would do so on the following Monday, which will be October 5.

Therefore, to avoid any issues with possible file system corruption, loss of data, etc., I plan to do what I did last time. I will be shutting down my computers in an orderly way, before going to bed, Sunday, September 27. This way, both my readers and I will be forewarned of the loss of access to my site. And, after the work has been completed, I will also be reporting on this blog, whether the power-cut did in fact take place. If it did, then readers will not need to have thoughts about October 5.


I apologize in advance, for any inconvenience this may cause my readers.




Downtime coming in the near future.

One of the unusual things which I do is, to host my Web-site and blog, on my own PC at home, acting as a server. I’m not recommending that other people do it this way, but do so myself. This implies that the availability of my blog, as well as of the other folders on my site, is only as good as:

  • The quality of my Internet connection, Or
  • The quality of my electrical power, Or
  • The actual reliability of the PC itself.

On Wednesday, September 2, my power utility will need to cut power from 8h00 until 15h00, to do major work in our neighbourhood. This means that my site will not be reachable for that interval of time. The power utility was kind enough to warn me about this ith a courtesy call.

I apologize in advance, for any inconvenience this might cause my readers.



Possible Downtime Tomorrow

One fact which I’ve posted about often, is that I host my Web-site and blog on a private computer at home, even though this is probably not what most people should do. Therefore, the availability of my site is only as good, as my ability to keep my computer running, as well as the quality of my Internet connection.

It’s past 22h00 on June 25, 2020 as I’m writing this. But, the possibility exists that, due to some emergency work which will need to be done on my home, my power may need to be cut by 9h30 tomorrow morning.

If that happens then, once again, my blog will be offline.

I apologize.

(Update 6/26/2020, 6h15: )

It turns out that the emergency work, which was pending for my domicile, will not need to take place. Therefore, there should not be any power-cut, and, for the moment, this site and blog will just remain operational.



DSL Problems, Downtime

I take the unusual approach of hosting my Web-site, and therefore also my blog, not on a professional hosting service, which is what most people would do, but on my personal computer at home. What this means is that the visibility of this blog is only as good, as the Internet connection that I have from home. And so, where some subscribers to my ISP may only describe trivial problems with their service, this blog has downtime, due to the slightest problem with my DSL connection.

Well, yesterday, March 8, between 14h00 and 15h00, as well as today, March 9, between 10h00 and 13h05, there were issues with my DSL again, each one a brief issue, during which my blog would not have been visible. I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.

There has been quite a history of such problems, specifically affecting my blog. The last time a Bell Technician needed to come, he needed to replace circuit-boards that exist in the network node, and which therefore exist on the side of the ISP. But because of both:

  1. The actual lines having been reconnected (earlier), and
  2. This hard, described problem of the circuit boards resulting in their replacement,

This describes repairs to the satisfaction of my ISP, and there was hope that there might be no more connection issues. However, connection issues have returned to my home. Because the two types of problems I listed above won’t normally ‘unfix themselves’, I have to assume that I’m running in to a new type of problem now, which my ISP has not yet diagnosed.

(Update 3/10/2019, 13h40 … )

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