Power Fluctuations, Downtime

I take the unusual step of hosting my Web-site, and this blog, on my personal computer at home. If the reader has questions about how this is possible, I gave a brief explanation here.

One of the unfortunate facts which this implies, is that my site availability is only as good as the reliability of my personal computer. People who have their sites hosted more conventionally on professional services, are also paying to have professionals avoid downtime.

Today we are having extreme weather on the Island Of Montreal. The maximum daytime temperature is expected at 32⁰C, and we are having continuous, powerful wind-gusts.

What this has done is cause brief, momentary power-fluctuations to take place, that are long enough to cause this hosting computer (‘Phoenix’) to go down, but which are short enough, that the supply-capacitor charge on most of my other systems – including several other computers – allows those to keep running, as though no fluctuation had ever taken place.

In fact, this has taken place in such a way, that my IP address never actually changed. But, my Web-server ‘Phoenix’ did go down, not once but twice so far, taking my Web-site down with it.

This started happening around 12h00 today, but is expected to continue throughout the afternoon. The extreme weather is in fact expected to break, when severe Thunderstorms put an end to the high temperatures.

Also, because this type of a reboot causes my server-side caching-daemon ‘memcached‘ to restart, it means that the speed with which the most-frequently-requested pages are served, will be slow for some time to come.

I apologize to the reader for this, but it is just an automatic hazard that follows, when we host our Web-site on our home computers.


(Edit: )

This type of a ‘power fluctuation’ can be described more precisely. One seemed to take place which I did not witness, while one took place which I did.

I’d call that one a ‘voltage drop-out, that lasted somewhere between 1/10 and 1/5 second’. There seemed to be no period of partial voltage; the lights just went dark for that fraction of a second.


Power Failure, Downtime

This morning as I slept, the power to my home went off around 3h05.

Because this home-computer, which I name ‘Phoenix’, is also my Web-server, that means that my site and my blog were also offline from about 3h05 until 3h35.

This power failure may have been caused partially, by this exceptional weather situation, previously mentioned.

I apologize to any potential readers, for whatever inconvenience this may have caused you.

Also, since any reboot also restarts my ‘memcached‘ daemon, again the retrieval of certain postings will be slow, until the server-side cache is replenished.



Flood Risk, Downtime

I live in a part of the Island of Montreal, which is under the risk of flooding, due to the recent weather. Yesterday (Sunday, May 7) we received a warning, that if the situation gets out of control beyond a certain point, residents in my neighborhood could be requested to leave with little or no time to prepare. And, because Montreal is under a state of emergency, this means that residents would also have no choice but to do so, if requested to leave.

This home-computer is also the server of my blog.

I felt that it would be a good precaution, to make my logistical preparations, in case the evacuation order came. And as part of those precautions, I also shut down all my computers, to minimize any loss of data that might take place in the long run, if it ever came to that. So I still have my bags all ready, to take and walk away with.

But as it stands, the risk to this one computer no longer seems so immediate, and I have rebooted it.

As a result of the shutdown,

  • From May 7, 19h00
  • Until May 8, 13h00

My site and blog were offline. I apologize for any inconvenience to potential readers.