pnmtofiasco Bug (Solved)

One of the things which some nerds do, is not just to present a photo of themselves, but to present a photo of themselves, which has been distorted in some specific way. In this vein, some of my readers may already have wondered, how I created the following image of myself:


This photo was actually obtained by using a Linux program that no longer works. That program started with a pixel-map, and compressed it into a so-called fractal representation, which is also known as ‘Fiasco’ format.

It may be common knowledge by now, that fractals can represent complex geometries, which take up very little data that way, but which exhibit self-similarity. And, fractals can be converted into pixel-maps to varying depths of recursion. But what some people did a long time ago, was explore, how pixel-maps can be compressed as fractals instead.

(Updated 3/10/2019 … )

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