My Site Was Down For 4 Days.

I went away on a camping trip, from Monday, July 4, through to Thursday, July 7, inclusively. I had left some of my computers running on auto-pilot, hoping that they would continue to do so for the duration of my absence from home.

However, close to 8h00 on July 4, which actually means on the very Monday Morning I left home, there seems to have been a power failure at my home, which took down this server (temporarily). This means that my site was actually gone for the entire duration of my absence from home.

Even though no corruption or loss of data took place, I needed to be back home and in front of my computer, before I could restore this site. Therefore, as of 18h35 on July 7 (Thursday), the site is back up.

I actually heard that the power outage in question was an unusual one, even for Hydro-Quebec, as evidenced by the fact that this time, the power was reported as out for a duration of 3 hours, by certain people who I trust. Usually, the way outages due to thunderstorms work, a circuit-breaker in the distribution lines tries to make more than one automated attempt to turn the power back on. This relies on technology which has existed for decades by now, in hopes that a ?tree branch? or a direct lightning strike on the lines, has cleared itself up, and such automated resets actually save utility crews a lot of work and time, who would otherwise need to go out into the suburbs, just to do a manual reset. And then, the first automated reset can even take place within 15 minutes of a minor failure.

Not that that would have restored my site. None of my computers are set up, to a do a reboot automatically, if the power has failed and comes back on. Even then, the computer would still have had to wait for me to come home – 3 days later – to reboot it.

And, since according to one report this outage lasted for 3 hours, it was no routine deal for Hydro-Quebec.

Also, now that I am back home, I see that there has been an update to the “Dyn Updater” Software, which “DynDNS” clients like me can use, so that the IP address which our host-names resolve to, track future changes to the IP address, which my ISP may hand me, as a regular customer.

This update could lead to some better performance in the future, as v5.2.x had failed to track certain normal IP-address changes in some cases, in the past. I now have Dyn Updater for Linux, v5.3.2 installed, and it works so far.

Camping for 4 days was much fun.