Kernel Update Today, Downtime

I take the unusual approach of hosting my site and blog, on my PC at home. This means that if my computer, which I name ‘Phoenix’, has any down-time, so does my blog.

This afternoon, ‘Phoenix’ received a routine kernel update, that seemed to go well. But because even a Linux computer needs a reboot after a kernel update, this site was down briefly, from 12h55 until about 13h15.

On the same note I should mention that yesterday, March 27, we had a power-failure from about 16h00 until 17h45. For that reason as well, my site and blog could not have been on-line.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.



Power Failure, Downtime.

I take the unusual approach of hosting my Web-site and my blog, on my PC at home. I’m not suggesting that everybody do it this way. This is just how I do it. But the unfortunate consequence of that is, that my site and blog are only visible to the Internet, as long as my PC is up and running, and as long as my own Internet connection is stable.

This morning (March 15, 2019), while I was away, there was a power failure which literally lasted from 11h05 until 11h10 – according to my own log files. This means that the power in my home was out for maximally 5 minutes.

But, I only came back from my daily activities around 17h00. Therefore, with nobody at home to reboot my computer, the blog was offline for the duration, until 17h15.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.



DSL Problems, Downtime

I take the unusual approach of hosting my Web-site, and therefore also my blog, not on a professional hosting service, which is what most people would do, but on my personal computer at home. What this means is that the visibility of this blog is only as good, as the Internet connection that I have from home. And so, where some subscribers to my ISP may only describe trivial problems with their service, this blog has downtime, due to the slightest problem with my DSL connection.

Well, yesterday, March 8, between 14h00 and 15h00, as well as today, March 9, between 10h00 and 13h05, there were issues with my DSL again, each one a brief issue, during which my blog would not have been visible. I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.

There has been quite a history of such problems, specifically affecting my blog. The last time a Bell Technician needed to come, he needed to replace circuit-boards that exist in the network node, and which therefore exist on the side of the ISP. But because of both:

  1. The actual lines having been reconnected (earlier), and
  2. This hard, described problem of the circuit boards resulting in their replacement,

This describes repairs to the satisfaction of my ISP, and there was hope that there might be no more connection issues. However, connection issues have returned to my home. Because the two types of problems I listed above won’t normally ‘unfix themselves’, I have to assume that I’m running in to a new type of problem now, which my ISP has not yet diagnosed.

(Update 3/10/2019, 13h40 … )

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DSL Problems, Downtime

I take the unusual approach of Hosting my Web-site and this blog, on my Personal Computer at home. Unfortunately this means that the visibility of either is only as good, as the WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity of my computer, which is established via a DSL (a Digital Subscriber Line).

Well between 12h00 and 3h00 this morning (February 27), I was experiencing DSL issues again, which has happened often. And so my blog and site were off-line.

I apologize to my readers for any inconvenience this might have caused.

(Update 2/27/2019, 16h45 : )

The technician from my ISP worked very hard to reconfigure my DSL wires, from their end, and was apparently successful at remedying the problem, without requiring that another technician come to my home.

But a fact which accompanies this news is, that even during such trouble-shooting steps, a mini-disruption in one customer’s service results (mine).

As a result, my site and blog were off-line again, from about 15h00 until about 16h30 this afternoon. But I’m expecting no more problems in the immediate future.

(Update 2/28/2019, 20h50 : )

Surprisingly to me, I had more DSL / connection issues today. This caused my site and blog to be offline from about 13h00 until about 20h45.

This time around, a Technician did need to come to my home, and what he seemed to discover was, that in the Neighbourhood Network Node, that “Bell Fibe” customers connect to via DSL, and that is connected up-stream via Fibre-Optics, apparently, the two circuit-boards which my DSL wires connect to, were fried. So the technician replaced both circuit-boards – on their end and not on my end – and once again, I have a WAN.

Even though I’d really like to say that this time my problems are dealt with, I’ve been having so much bad luck with this – Who knows, maybe I’m jinxed? :-D