Another System Upgrade Tonight

My Linux computer named ‘Phoenix’, which acts as my Web-server, underwent a minor upgrade tonight, for which reason this blog was offline from 21h58 until 22h05.

Because this sort of upgrade requires I reboot the machine, my blog is also unable to display any Maintenance Mode message during such an interval.

I hope this did not inconvenience any readers.

Further, my IPv6 connectivity was not restored until 22h10, which is the normal amount of time doing so would take.



Again, my blog went down due to a power failure.

Yesterday, on the Island Of Montreal, we were experiencing some extreme weather. And, I host my blog on my own, private computer, acting as server. Due to the power failure which already took place last night, my blog went down then. And I wrote about this in this previous blog posting.

That event left many tree branches hanging in the power lines, which stayed there overnight. But alas, this morning, my power failed again around 6h45. And then, to aggravate my nerves, the power came on again for two seconds around 7h00, after which it promptly went off again. And the power came on for another two seconds, around 7h15, after which it went off again.

Naturally, in this situation I could not assume, that even if the power would have come on again at let us say 7h30, it would have stayed on. And so I did not restart my server this morning.

Presumably, the Hydro-Quebec crews have cleared the branches from the power lines by now, without electrocuting their workers.

But this blog would only have started to become visible again, around 12h00 or so today.

I apologize for any confusion this might have caused.



My blog was down tonight due to a power failure.

This blog is being hosted privately, on my own computer, acting as server. And for this reason, it is sensitive to such factors as power failures. I do not have a backup server, nor a UPS, the way hosting services would have.

In Montreal, we have been having difficult weather, with sleet turning into genuine freezing rain. As a result, a power failure did hit me at 22h40 this evening. The blog should have started to become accessible again after 23h40.

The actual power failure only lasted for 10 minutes, from 22h40 to 22h50. But I only restart my computers after I am convinced that consecutive p0ower failures are unlikely. And during the coming day, on February 25, additional power failures are possible, because while the freezing rain is officially over, wind gusts up to 60 km/H are forecast.

Thank you for understanding.



My Blog was down for an update briefly.

In order to protect myself from security vulnerability CVE-2015-7547, affecting a broad range of ‘glibc’ libraries and discovered by Google, I performed a security update on this server within hours of the vulnerability being known. And of course this required a reboot, since the old version of glibc was still loaded by nearly every program running. Therefore, this Blog was offline from 22h10 until about 22h30.