DSL Problems, Downtime

I take the unusual approach of hosting my site and my blog, on a private PC at home, instead of on a professional hosting service. This means that the availability of the site is only as good as my DSL connection at home.

Since about 11h00 yesterday, January 30, I’ve been experiencing problems with my DSL. This means that my site has been sporadically unavailable in the meantime. Further, when the technician from my ISP comes to repair the problem, today in the afternoon (January 31), his work will require that he disconnect my DSL, which means more downtime.

I apologize to my readers, and hope that this problem will soon be fixed.

(Update 1/31/2019, 20h00 : )

The technician was able to resolve this problem, but the service interruption which was required, for him to complete his job, lasted from 17h40 until 20h00 this evening.

I thank the tech-support of Bell Canada, as well as the hard work of the technician.

My site and blog should now be reliable again.



Problems with my DSL, Recent Down-Time

I take the unusual approach of Hosting my site and blog on my private PC at home. This is not a recommendation for other people to do the same thing, it’s just how I do it. But then a side effect of what I do is the fact, that the availability of this blog is only as good, as the (DSL) network connection of my PC at home.

In recent weeks, Quebec, the province I live in, has been pounded by extremely cold weather (below -20⁰C), as well as more than one snow-storm. And this has played havoc with many customers’ service, as ice and water can penetrate the cables.

For that reason the availability of my site and blog has also experienced many issues. I apologize to my readers if this has inconvenienced them.

For the moment it looks like my ISP has been able to stabilize my connection, by reducing the speed with which I connect, and I’m fine with that, since a stable but slower connection is preferable to no connection at all.

I’m looking forward to some better solution in the distant future, but am confident that in the short term, the connection has been made stable again.



DSL Problem, Downtime

I take the somewhat unusual approach, of Hosting my Web-site and my blog, from a PC at home, acting as my Web-server. I don’t really recommend that everybody do it this way. This is merely how I do it.

This has as consequence that the visibility of my blog and site, are only as good as that of my home Internet connection. Therefore, from time to time my blog will be inaccessible, simply because I’m having a networking problem.

Most people would be less affected by such problems because most people aren’t running a Web-server.

Well from about 22h00 EDT, January 14, until about 9h00, January 16, I was experiencing such issues.

I apologize to my readers, for any inconvenience which I might have caused them.




Problems with my DSL. Downtime.

One of the peculiarities with which I host this blog, is that I use a home PC as a Web-server, that’s meant to be visible to the entire Internet. I don’t really recommend that other people do this; this just happens to be what I do. As a result, the visibility of my site and blog on the Internet, are limited by the behaviors of my home Internet as well as by the modem / router that I use. This one happens to be owned by my ISP.

As recently as last Wednesday, which was December 12, 2018, this blog went off-line, due to some problem with the router, which was similar to the problem I posted about Here.

This time around, there is no firm estimate, of when the problem will be fixed. I’m hoping that this will be resolved, by the time the next firmware update for this router is downloaded by the ISP, but that can take an unpredictably long time.

My own personal use of the Internet remains unaffected.