“Weather Widget” for Plasma 5 -based, Linux Computers

One of the observations which I’ve made about the practical use of Linux, is that in recent years and weeks, the number of weather widgets which we can use to decorate our desktops, and which provide some semblance of forecasting, has become more meager.

I suppose that one important reason may be the fact, that companies cannot extract revenues from operating servers, which simply respond to URL-requests, and which hand out weather information on that basis, for the client software to process as client wishes. Companies will only make profits these days, if they can force their clients to view advertisements.

And so recently I installed a widget, to my Debian / Stretch, Plasma 5 -based desktop computer named ‘Plato’, which is named ‘Weather Widget’, and which has the following display available:


This widget has as option to display information from ‘openweathermap.org‘, which has as intention to remain open and available.

There was a detail in how to get this widget running, that wasted some of my time yesterday, for which reason I’d like to share my experience with the reader. First of all, the preferred way to install this widget is, to right-click on the desktop, and then to left-click on “Add Widgets…”. If the desktop widgets are locked, the command must be given to unlock them first. Then, in the side-bar that appears, we click on “Get new Widgets” (at the very bottom), and then on “Download New Plasma Widgets”. In the window that appears, there’s a search field. In it, type ‘Weather’, and the widget in question should appear as available.

One great plus to adding widgets in this way, is the fact that we can do so, in user space, that is, without requiring root. However, here comes the catch: This widget will only display correctly, under Debian / Stretch, if the following two packages are installed:

  • ‘qml-module-qtgraphicaleffects’
  • ‘qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel’

Under other Plasma 5 -capable distributions, the same features may be provided by packages, which are named slightly differently.

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Recent Update to libevent

Sometimes updates come through the package manager, which I do not blog about immediately. One such update took place in recent days, to the package ‘libevent-2.0-5‘.

After the update, I assumed that most of the programs which depended on this library were user-space applications. So I logged out my session and logged back in, without affecting system services such as the Web-server or ‘memcached‘. This maintenance-action of mine went by uneventfully – no pun intended. And doing so also restarted my X-server.

But then I decided to inquire, which services exactly depended on this library. And it turns out that ‘memcached‘ was the single process which remained, that did, and which therefore also deserved a restart. So I restarted this daemon tonight, thus flushing the cache. Therefore, response to readers of this blog might seem a little slow in the next few days.

Aside from that, I have a quiet feeling that by updating this library, the Debian Team may have fixed my spring.