CS 2.1 Has Kept Its Castle Demo.

When users – who are potential game-designers – custom-compile a game engine, they receive demos which were made with the same API that they are going to be using, if they are going to design games. Crystal Space 2.1 is no different.

In this case, there is really only one demo application – “walktest” – plus numerous XML Files and other files, that define scenes, which invoke rendering-engine capabilities.

Crystal Space has always featured one such demo simply named “castle“. I am happy to see that they still showcase this one.

castle‘ is different from the other demos in that this one has good Artistic merit. In contrast, many of the other demos ‘just happen to work’. But ‘castle‘ is a more-complex medieval castle, which game-authors can explore. And this can stimulate them into conceiving better creations of their own.

It also bears a plaque in the entrance hall to the castle, that gives credit to its authors, and that the player-puppet can read, if he moves close enough to it within the defined 3D scene.

crystal space _1

crystal space _2