An example of something, which isn’t AI.

One of the behaviours which has been trending for several years now, is to take an arbitrary piece of information, and just to call it AI.

This should not be done.

As an example of what I mean, I can give the following image:


This is an image, which has been palletized. That means that the colours of individual pixels have been reduced to ‘some palette of 256 colours’. What any conventional software allows me to do – including ‘GIMP’ – is next, to assign a new colour palette to this image, so that all these colours get remapped, as follows:


What I could do – although I won’t – is claim somehow that this has ‘artistic merit’. But what I cannot legitimately do is, to claim that the second image is ‘an example of AI’.

(Updated 7/06/2021, 16h30… )

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