A Slight Disadvantage To Using LG Tone & Talk App

One fact which I have written about, was that I have acquired an “LG Tone Pro HBS-750″ Bluetooth Headset, which still works, but which had some issues that I do not need to repeat.

In addition, these headsets have a suggested app, which we can download from Google Play, called “Tone & Talk“. That app has come under fire from its users, and any issues I can detect with it, are unrelated to issues I myself may have had with the hardware. Specifically, the new version of the app simply reads out the text which belongs to notifications, rather than allowing in-depth screen-reading, within any one app.

There is a type of error with this app that I have just noticed yesterday afternoon, in which the app just seems to repeat a notification indefinitely.

In my limited experience, this error will happen, if the app whose notifications are being monitored, goes full-screen on the Android device, in order to make the notification apparent.

Specifically, I use an app named “S Planner”, which on Samsung Galaxy devices acts as our Calendar app. I had checked off this app, as belonging to the ones, which Tone & Talk is supposed to read out notifications for. But, S Planner has always gone full-screen, so that when I next activate my phone, I can read in detail, what scheduled event I am being reminded of – even before I unlock the phone. Well in this case, when the next scheduled event was displayed, Tone & Talk also went into an endless loop of notification texts.

The way I solved this problem for myself, was just to uncheck S Planner as one of the apps Tone & Talk was ‘listening to’. And S Planner was also not checked by default.

I find this to be of low importance to me, because when S Planner plays its customized notification sound, like so many other sounds, That notification sound is Also played to my headphones. I can recognize that sound. But I will actually need to look at the screen of the phone, to see the details.

When other users are reporting a similar issue, I now suspect that they may also have set their 3rd-party apps to go full-screen, perhaps hoping to encourage Tone & Talk to work as a screen-reader again. And then, doing so would cause a short text just to be repeated indefinitely.

I cannot be 100% certain of this, but am reasonable sure.


(Edit : ) There exists the possibility, that the predecessor to the Tone & Talk app, actually used its remote-control over the supported apps, to change some of their settings, so that this predecessor-app would be better-able to act as a screen-reader. The users may not have noticed this.

But then, when users were migrated to Tone & Talk, there could have been no follow-up, in which the settings of the other, read-from apps would have been reverted to what they would normally be. And this would have failed to happen, because the later app does not have the remote-control / Accessibility Aid status, required to change settings of other apps.

So the task may now be up to Tone & Talk users, to revert the settings of each other app, no longer to go full-screen when they receive a message. And the users would need to do this, to put an end to repeated, few words read out by Tone & Talk.


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2 thoughts on “A Slight Disadvantage To Using LG Tone & Talk App”

  1. Bought a LG Tone Ultra and one of the “features” is that it works with the Tone Talk app. It even has the product name in the app name! Go to open the app, says my headset isn’t compatible. Huh? Talked to customer service and they said ‘some of the features may not be available on Apple devices’ which I responded with the fact that it doesn’t even connect, let alone have some features not work as it won’t even talk to it. Fix this LG! You’re better than this! There are plenty of headsets out there that work better than these and have apps that actually work rather than false advertisement. Bought this headset thinking I’d get more features with the app, but instead I’ll be returning it and getting something else. Listen to all of us, fix your app and fix your thinking that it’s just a small issue that doesn’t deserve any attention. We’re stuck with those small issues and we deserve to have a working product as advertised.
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    1. First off, I don’t work for LG Inc. You may post your observations about the product here, but there’s no guarantee that LG will ever see what you posted here, on my blog. It might just be useful for other readers, of my personal blog, and for other users of the product.

      Secondly, according to my own experience with this app:

      In certain cases the app detects that the headphones are a forgery. This happened to me once. Without being sure whether the headphones you bought were counterfeit or not, I can say that If they were, the app won’t detect them as a compatible product.

      And No, I won’t explain to you, what the app goes by, to detect this. But the same thing happened to me once, after which I was too embarrassed to write about it, because I was ready to review the product, based on these misbehaviors of a counterfeit.


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