Power Failure Today, Downtime

I take the somewhat unusual approach of Hosting my Web-site and blog, on a PC at home. I’m not saying that this is what everybody should do; this is just how I do it. Unfortunately this means that the visibility of this blog is only as good as the reliability of the PC in question, and of my Internet connection.

Today, the city I live in experienced violent wind-gusts, which I’d estimate had wind-speeds of over 100 km/H. This caused a power failure around 9h00 this morning. And, even though that power failure only seemed to last about 15 minutes, I did not reboot my computers immediately, because of the possibility of yet another power failure. The winds continued to gust this way until about 17h00 today.

As a result, this site and blog were down from about 9h00 until about 17h50.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.



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