I go the unusual step, of hosting my Web site on my private computer at home. This means that such factors as network interruptions and power failures can affect my site, while if it was hosted on a paid-for service, it would probably not be affected by such things.

This morning, at 5h30, I had a very brief power failure at home. It was so brief – less than a second long – that the power supply capacitor in most of my appliances, and in most of my computers, held enough charge to keep those running. ( :1 )

However, the supply capacitor in the computer I name ‘Phoenix’ did not hold enough charge for this, so that ‘Phoenix’ went down. That this the computer which actually acts as my Web server as well.

Therefore, my site and this blog were unavailable until about 5h50 this morning. I apologize for any inconvenience.



1: ) In fact, the compressor of the air conditioner in my bedroom was running. And when the power came back on, its motor had not stopped rotating completely. And for that reason, it was able to kick right back up to full speed.

Normally, if the compressor has stopped spinning completely, an immediate attempt to power it back on will result in a stall, and then in the thermal-trip of the compressor motor, which always has a thermal protection switch built-in.


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