Power Failure Tonight, Downtime

I take the somewhat unusual approach, of hosting my site, and this Blog, on a personal computer which I name ‘Phoenix’. This means that the availability of this Blog is only as good, as that of the PC in question, and its presence on the Internet.

Tonight there was a power failure at 18h30, for which reason this Blog also went off-line.

The actual power-failure only lasted 10 minutes. But there was never any obvious reason why it would have happened in the first place, for which I reason I do not know whether to expect more power-failures. For the same reason, I chose to wait until 20h15 tonight, to reboot ‘Phoenix’, at which time my site and Blog also became available again.

Because it was never clear as to why the power failed this time, there is the ongoing possibility, that there could be more power failures in the overnight hours. I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.

(Updated 08/22/2018, 14h25 : )

This morning when I stepped outside, I discovered the probable reason for last night’s power failure. We are experiencing powerful wind gusts. Such wind gusts can actually deflect the 14kV power wires, to the point where they come into contact with each other and short-circuit. Alternatively, such wind gusts can carry branches etc., into the wires, causing a momentary overload. And either scenario will trip a circuit-breaker.

As long as I spend time indoors, if there’s lightning I’ll see it, and if there’s thunder I’ll hear it, to know that a thunderstorm is taking place outside. But, if there are only wind gusts, I get no hint that this is happening from indoors. And then, if there is a power failure, that will seem to come unannounced.



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