Major System Update Today, Downtime

I go the unusual route, Of hosting my Web-site and therefore also this blog, on one of my own private computers at home, that is named ‘Phoenix’. Therefore, the availability of my blog is only as good, as that of my PC.

This evening the Debian / Jessie repositories pushed through a major update, which turned my Debian 8.10 system into a Debian 8.11 system. Additionally, this included an update to the proprietary, legacy nVidia graphics driver, version 304.x , which is pretty much the only device-driver left, which will work with an old on-board graphics chip, which was the:

GeForce 6150SE nForce 430/integrated/SSE2

Hence, if after the update, the X-server had not restarted, I would pretty much have been finished with this computer!

Luckily, the graphics-driver update seemed to take well, and the whole procedure seemed to go smoothly.

Due to the reboot which was required, my site and blog were off-line, from about 20h05 until about 20h10. Because this was only for 5 minutes, I’m sure this did not inconvenience my readers much.



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