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I’m a single, 51-year old man, who is unemployed, but essentially financially independent. I live by myself, and have decided that at this stage of my life, I’ll want to keep doing so. Even though I’d be willing to go on dates with single Women, in fact there are few girlfriends who’d be willing to accept even these terms. I’m speaking from experience. And so my future may become one of celibacy, which I’m willing to endure, with only my computers, and certain personal Friends, for company.

I’ve never blogged before, but have decided that rather than to try rewinding my story to my distant past, I should just jump in and write about events in my life as they happen.

My life usually revolves around my computers these days, but maybe also around photography, around gadgets, around food, and around some select Health Subjects. I go to a drop-in center.

All in all I’d say I’m contented, but also suffer from moments of anxiety, which I seem to be able to manage.

I have to add that I’m an atheist, but not one with a capital ‘A’. Atheists with a capital ‘A’ are the kind that feel, that the only crime they can commit is to get caught. I believe in doing the right thing, in observing moral standards etc., but not because of any fear of eternal punishment after my death. I think that when I die, I’ll simply cease to exist.

Sure, There Is more to life than that, but actually to explain my many viewpoints would take some time. One of my viewpoints is that I must respect other people, even if they don’t have the same opinions as I do, about God, about Ideology, about sexual orientation. And I feel that while material reality is highly important, it’s also important to keep in mind, that sometimes a question can be looked at from different directions, and that doing so can lead people to unexpected realizations. In that regard, I actually have an open mind.

And yet the reader may find that most of my future blogging, should I choose to continue with it, will revolve around material issues in my life, such as what the caveats are of using a specific gadget I bought, of AI, and of sundry other subjects that tend towards the technological.



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