My Pixel C Tablet Ran Out Of Power Last Night.

I own a Google Pixel C tablet, that runs Android 8.1.0 . As is customary for me, I leave it In Standby each night, which means that it’s still drawing some small amount of current from its battery.

Usually, I’d inspect the tablet before going to bed each night, to verify that it will still have enough juice in its battery, to sleep through the night. But somehow, last night, I just failed to verify this, and assumed that the tablet was okay to sleep through the night.

Also, I slept-in this morning. Well as I was sleeping in, the tablet made a few notification sounds which I’d never heard from it before, and the fact that it was doing so did not alarm me in my sleep.

So this morning, when I tried to reboot the tablet, it would proceed partially into the boot process, and then just play its notification sound, and shut off again. So what I needed to do was leave it plugged in for two hours, and then try rebooting it again. Which worked!

But there was just a possible scenario in my mind, of what could have gone wrong last night, and what could potentially have bricked the tablet.

I have it set to install app-updates automatically, overnight, whenever the O/S deems that the opportunity is good to do so. In theory, if it had been installing a massive number of updates, as the supply-voltage collapsed, this would probably have bricked the tablet. And so there mere thought of that was worrying me, as it was receiving its 2 hours of charging-time, before I’d try to reboot it again this afternoon.

Fortunately what I found out this afternoon was, that the tablet had the fact committed to its memory, that it had played my wake-up-melody at 6h30 this morning, but that apparently, I had just slept right through that without really noticing it. Well, if it installs auto-updates, it usually does so around 2h00, and when I checked Google Play, there was no record of app-updates having been attempted overnight. I just had to install 17 updates this afternoon, which had been pending for about 3 days.

And what that also means is that the depletion of its battery, which must have happened some time after 6h30 this morning, could not have interrupted auto-updates. :-)



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