I have now custom-compiled ‘gimp-gap’ on my laptop, Klystron.

Now that the laptop I name ‘Klystron’ has Linux on it, it is also a part of my ritual, that this machine is to receive all the software which I feel a posh Linux system should have. One piece of software in that category is ‘gimp‘, which has the plugin ‘gimp-gap‘.

But then we find that from the package manager, ‘gimp-gap‘ is missing several animation output options. And as I did recall, the solution to that problem is to custom-compile gimp-gap v2.6, to work with gimp v2.8. This requires may dependencies. It also requires the options

export LIBS='-lm'
./configure --prefix=/usr

The former ‘-lm’, linker option needs to be given on 64-bit Debian, in order to overcome the peculiar error message:

//lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6 error adding symbols dso missing from command line



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