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In the bottom left-hand corner of each of my postings, the reader will see a little icon that has a printer-symbol on it, and the word “Print”. This icon can be used either to print the posting in question, or to save it to a PDF File, on the reader’s computer. In fact, the reader can even delete specific paragraphs from his local copy of my posting – since plausibly, the reader might find some of my postings too long to be printed in their entirety.

Some time ago, I had encountered a situation where Not code belonging to this plug-in, but Rather the URL which hosts the service, was showing me a warning in my browser, that ‘unknown URLs’ were trying to run scripts.

My own Web-browser has a script-blocker, which will display scripts to me which a page is trying to display, but which I did not authorize.

Certain features which I use on my blog, are actually hosted by the Web-site of 3rd parties, whose scripts may run, just because my page includes their widget.

The first time I noticed this I went into an alarm-mode, and removed the button from my blog quickly, thinking that maybe it was malware. But some time after that, I installed an additional extension to my blogging engine, called “WordFence”. This is an extension that can not only scan the (PHP-) code present on my own server for viruses and other malware, but that can also just scan whatever HTML my blogging engine outputs, for the possible presence of URLs to sites that are black-listed, regardless of how those URLs ended up being generated by my blogging engine.

Once I had WordFence installed, I decided that a more-Scientific way to test the PrintFriendly plug-in, would be to reactivate it, while WordFence is scanning my site. If any of the URLs produced by this plug-in were malicious, surely WordFence would catch this.

As it stands, the PrintFriendly button again displays URLs which belong to parties unknown to me. But as it stands, none of those URLs seem to suggest the presence of malware. I suppose, that the hosts of PrintFriendly rely on some of those scripts, to generate income? Since I’m not required to pay, to use their button.



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