Finally getting my FB Messenger Notifications to be Quiet

One of the plans which I had told my contacts about, was that if they send me SMS messages – i.e. phone-texts – the understanding would be that my phone would shout at me, to implore me to answer at once – therefore, for them to use SMS in an emergency.

OTOH, It can happen that one of my friends might like to chat with me, but without causing me to become a distraction to people around me. My phone should notify me noticeably-to-me, but silently. For that purpose, I still recommend that people use Facebook Messenger.

For some time, it was working that way for me, but at some later time, this had stopped working, in that each time I received a FB Messenger Chat Head, my phone had started to give me an audible notification again, which I had some trouble suppressing, in spite of the improvements that Android 7 brought to my Phone!

However, since recent months, I’ve gotten FB Messenger notifications to behave again, exactly as I want them to. And here is how I fixed the problem:

What was happening, was that every time I received an FB Messenger message, I was really receiving 3 notifications at once:

  1. From the Fcaebook app,
  2. From Facebook messenger, and
  3. From Google Chrome.

What I was overlooking for some time was that my Google Chrome browser was logged in to Facebook as well. And I have no easy choice in the matter, because at one point in time I told Chrome to remember my FB password, and all my Chrome browsers are synced.

While I could manually tell Chrome to forget my FB password and log them out, I felt that a better way to manage that was finally, to Mute the Notifications from the FB app and from Chrome – which means that their notifications will still display but not cause a sound or vibration – while leaving the FB Messenger app as the only related app, that can play a full notification.

And then, I was able to fine-tune the notification of that 1 app out of 3, so that I can receive and answer chats quietly again.



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