Flood Risk, Downtime

I live in a part of the Island of Montreal, which is under the risk of flooding, due to the recent weather. Yesterday (Sunday, May 7) we received a warning, that if the situation gets out of control beyond a certain point, residents in my neighborhood could be requested to leave with little or no time to prepare. And, because Montreal is under a state of emergency, this means that residents would also have no choice but to do so, if requested to leave.

This home-computer is also the server of my blog.

I felt that it would be a good precaution, to make my logistical preparations, in case the evacuation order came. And as part of those precautions, I also shut down all my computers, to minimize any loss of data that might take place in the long run, if it ever came to that. So I still have my bags all ready, to take and walk away with.

But as it stands, the risk to this one computer no longer seems so immediate, and I have rebooted it.

As a result of the shutdown,

  • From May 7, 19h00
  • Until May 8, 13h00

My site and blog were offline. I apologize for any inconvenience to potential readers.



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