I have received my Flexible Keyboard today.

Today I have received my “Delicol Foldable Flexible Waterproof Keyboard” (USB 2.0), which I ordered on Amazon.ca as this item below:


Even though with most items I do verify very thoroughly, that they work, this was one item not having a high priority with me. I just felt I’d like to have one like this, even though I don’t need to use it right away. And so I may not test this one right away.

One check which I did with it however, was to see whether it’s the kind of flexible product, that passes as thin, very thin, extremely thin, etc.. Some sellers might claim that theirs is also a thin, foldable item, even though theirs might simply be a rather thick, bendable appliance. And what I find is that this keyboard at least passes the test, that I can actually fold it over twice, without having to exert dangerous force. It complies quite easily.

As to whether it’s compatible with my Linux machines, while being stated as Windows 7 and OSX -compatible, is a non-issue for me. I find that this type of device will work under Linux, if it works at all, and I don’t have any Mac. And the fact that it works under Windows 7, which I also have, I’ll take at face-value. It’s important though, that even my oldest, Linux boxes have USB 2 Ports specifically, which they do, and which work at USB 2 speeds.



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