Unattended Upgrades Did Not Run This Morning.

I have had the strange experience, that this morning, for reasons unknown, my unattended upgrades system did not run, not even leaving an entry in any of its log files.

Additionally, running the script manually as root:




Simply reproduces the behavior, of the updates not running.

But, I have noticed that This has happened to me once before. Strangely, the last time this happened was on March 14, 2016. This is usually around the time of year that Daylight Savings Time begins, and DST began this past Sunday, which was yesterday.

If this is somehow a DST bug, then I find it most strange, that it would not affect the Sunday in question, but the following Monday.

I will continue to monitor this problem. In 2016, the malfunction simply evaporated by the next day.

(Edit 03/14/2017 : )

When trying to troubleshoot such a problem, there is a command we can run as root, which goes:


unattended-upgrades -v -d


While this malfunction was taking place, I did run this command once, and it ran fine, without producing any apparent diagnostic messages. And, simply running that command, did place entries into the log file, normally associated with unattended upgrades, but which was missing log entries before. As an added diagnostic step, I ran the following command, because this command could also affect unattended upgrades:




Which ran normally and exited with code 0, indicating I was on AC Power.



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