Routine Kernel-Update Today, Downtime

I take the unusual measure, of hosting my Web-site on my own server. Yet, from time to time, updates come to this same host-machine – which I name ‘Phoenix’ – and some of those updates require a reboot, even though it is a Linux computer. When I do this, my site temporarily becomes unavailable. In fact, even though my installation of ‘WordPress’ has a Maintenance Mode page, I am unable to display it in most cases, because that page still requires for a Web-server to be running, to display on your browser.

Just today, there was a Kernel Update pushed through the package manager, to Kernel version 3.16.0-4-generic. And so I felt it was only reasonable to perform the reboot. Also, there were some more-minor updates to ‘Wine’, but those would not usually, by themselves, require a reboot.

Because the entire process ran smoothly and without notable incident, my site and blog were only offline from about 12h35 until 12h45.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Also, because my ‘memcached’ daemon has been restarted, this blog will seem a bit sluggish for the next day or so.



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