Recent Update to libevent

Sometimes updates come through the package manager, which I do not blog about immediately. One such update took place in recent days, to the package ‘libevent-2.0-5‘.

After the update, I assumed that most of the programs which depended on this library were user-space applications. So I logged out my session and logged back in, without affecting system services such as the Web-server or ‘memcached‘. This maintenance-action of mine went by uneventfully – no pun intended. And doing so also restarted my X-server.

But then I decided to inquire, which services exactly depended on this library. And it turns out that ‘memcached‘ was the single process which remained, that did, and which therefore also deserved a restart. So I restarted this daemon tonight, thus flushing the cache. Therefore, response to readers of this blog might seem a little slow in the next few days.

Aside from that, I have a quiet feeling that by updating this library, the Debian Team may have fixed my spring.



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