I replaced a doorknob yesterday.

When the condominium was purchased which I have been living in since 2007, the doorknob to the storage room was partially defective. Later on, it could happen that this doorknob would simply fall off the door.

This was unaesthetic, as well as presenting a possible danger, of my not being able to enter the storage room, under the wrong circumstances.

I had made numerous attempts to repair the old doorknob, but doing so would have required spare parts, which the previous owners did not leave me.

I got the impression that this one doorknob had been installed by the previous owners, but that they had already botched the job, and that they had only left me with doorknob components which were unusable.

And so while already having made the trip to the hardware store yesterday, I decided that I could also pick up a new doorknob.

I also installed the new doorknob to the door yesterday without much ado. The only remaining problem is in the fact that the new doorknob isn’t centered exactly as the old one was. This can be common, as long as the hole into which the doorknob has been installed never shows. But it also means that in order to look professional, the door surface around the doorknob needs to have its paint-job retouched.

The new doorknob will never become loose again.

I have not retouched this paint yet.



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