Downtime, DSL Problem

Late this morning, there was a high amount of audible static on my phone line, which probably also affected my DSL. I have written at length, that I host my own site, on my home computer.

Between about 10h20 and 11h20, my DSL connection was on the fritz, probably in association with the static noise I was able to hear on the phone. This also caused my site and my blog not to be accessible to the Internet.

The temperature outside was -19°C, and that may have played a role.

In this case, there is no point in blaming “DynDNS” for what happened, because if the connection is gone for an hour or longer, the Update Client program will stop making frequent attempts to update my IP address into public view. It just happened.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


(Edit : ) My log files indicate, that there was a change in IP address as well, between 3h00 and 4h00, which the DynDNS Update Client program updated to its server routinely – as I was sleeping – and which did not seem to result in considerable downtime at all.


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