Recent Disappointment in Ebay, New Battery-Type

It has been some time since I bought anything on Ebay. But as it happens, I used to carry an LED flashlight with me, the main purpose of which was to prevent me from misplacing my key-chain, and it has since stopped functioning. And so a natural thing I would want to do, was buy a new replacement-flashlight, and because this is a low-priority purchase – for the device actually to work – a good place to do so would be, Ebay. This may take some time to deliver to me.

(Last Edited 11/26/2016 . )

But when I did my searches on Ebay today for such a simple item, certain aspects of the results disappointed me. Specifically, I think it was the lack of English skills on the part of the sellers. It seems that the trend on Ebay now is, to put many identifiers into the one-line item description, and to have that pass as its full description, when often, a list of identifying keywords as such, can be incomprehensible to the reader, if 2 or 3 of the identifiers are not known to him.

Where a full item description was supposed to exist, many Ebay items today have nothing.

One of the identifiers which frustrated me today, was what the battery requirements of the new flashlights are. They are: “18650”.

The way it was with my old flashlight, it contained a small cartridge, which actually held 3 AAA batteries, of the sort which I was used to considering standard. This allowed for a series-voltage of 3.6 – 4.5 volts to be developed, allowing the circuit to work.

Whether each AAA battery was rechargeable or not, used to be the responsibility of the user, and one fact which always seemed problematic, was the need to recharge 3 cells at once, if any. The simple lack of a charger which could do this correctly, had always directed me to use disposable batteries instead.

There exists the new battery-type, which is a Lithium-Ion, 3.7V cell, and which looks according to photos cylindrical and roughly shaped as an older AA cell was. This new battery-type has become popular for vaping, but is also used in these pocket-LED lamps. They require a charger, which may be separate from the actual purchase of the flashlight.

But, now that I am going to be using this battery-type, I will also want a full stock of them, and a good, separately-purchased charger.

I suppose that another observation to be made about LED-flashlights in-fashion today, is the multi-mode units are out. What is in right now, is just a very bright – 6000 lumen – trichromatic or tetrachromatic light-source.

I could have repurchased the exact same flashlight I already did before, that being a ‘white’, UV, laser-pointer unit. But having possessed this exact model before, has simply made me aware of how poorly that one did work. And so I specifically avoided that model for now.

Oh yes. Another disappointment on Ebay today was, the inconsistency of the product, even if the buyer gets the identifiers right. Apparently, knowing the exact model-number does not prevent a person from receiving 3 different variations of that product.

And, even if we are told the type of battery, there is great variation in the maximum charge capacity. But this fact does not surprise me. When given a choice between 3400 mAh and 9000 mAh cells of the same type, I would expect that the highest-capacity cells are also the ones most fragile, when dealt an overcharge or any other mistreatment, as well as possibly having the shortest lifespan.


(Edit 11/26/2016 : )

After having placed my orders, and still having confidence in them, when I went back to the item status pages, I discovered that full, detailed descriptions are in fact being displayed, after we scroll down a very long distance – apparently past the part of the page which reads: ‘Other Items that interested buyers’.

I would not normally expect a detailed description of the current item, to appear after the descriptions of other items, that Ebay would like to sell me.

And so it could be true, that the item descriptions were there to begin with, only that I did not find them, when placing my orders.

And since it happens, that I did not place any incorrect orders, this subject does not frustrate me anymore.


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