So. My Blog is back online.

One of the facts which I have written about numerous times, is that I take the unusual approach, of hosting my Web-site and my Blog, on my own Server at home. This differs from what most people would do, which would be to go to a commercial / professional hosting service.

They have an advantage over me, in that their provider has better resources to ensure the availability of their content.

I, on the other hand, can simply be taken offline, as soon as my physical connection – my Home DSL – becomes faulty.

This was exactly what happened to me, between 4h00 on Saturday morning, October 22, and now, 11h00, Tuesday morning, October 25.

A technician from my ISP honored his appointment today, and came, and did repair my connection.

My ISP was actually willing, to set me up with a technician as early as Sunday afternoon, but I skipped that choice in the automated system, where I created my repair ticket, because on Sunday afternoon I had a prior engagement – to play the RPG Quest-Masters with a group of friends – and because I did not see this tech support case as an emergency myself.

I am confident that my site will be visible again for some time. But I also recognize, that due to 3-4 days of having been offline, of course my search-engine rankings will have suffered. So for the next little while, I do not expect to be receiving as many hits per day, as I had been receiving prior to Saturday.

Easy come, easy go.



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