Botched Update, Minor Blog Disruption

I host this blog on my own server. Further, I use a blogging engine the name of which the reader can see plainly on the site, which is partly installed via the Debian package manager, and partly via in-place downloading and updating of extensions via plug-ins.

Just tonight, the Debian team put through a package-originated update to ‘‘, which has happened smoothly in the past, and the nature of which I have integrated with my particular site quite well.

But immediately after the update tonight, the blog went off-line briefly, and I feared the worst – that I had made chopped beef out of my local configuration of files.

But what I found instead, this time around, dismayed me: In the file named


There is a re-declaration of three functions, in principle:


Since these three functions have been redeclared within the same code file, that belongs to


And belonging to the package, there was no way the blog could have sent off any HTML at all – regardless of what my plug-in settings might have been. It is baffling that Debian Team would make the error, of declaring the same functions twice within the same file.

I simply had to comment out the offending functions, and my blog works again, plug-ins, theme and all.

So it would seem that the code that keeps running, is malleable after all, so that I was able to restore order within my files.


(Edit : ) I suppose that for the next few hours or days, the readers might notice that the blog engine is rather sluggish. This is due to the fact that I needed to clear my cache. But clearing the cache on this server would have been necessary anyway. I had the whole maneuver planned out so carefully – To put the blog into maintenance mode, to clear the cache, to change a directory permission, to apply the update, to re-owner the folders, and to deactivate maintenance mode…

Such a shame the the code did not play nice this time.

This affected the blog from about 21h30 until 22h45.


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