A Peculiar DNS Look-Up Error Has Affected My Site.

One of the facts which I had written about earlier, was that I host my site on my own Web-server at home, but that I am a client at DynDNS. This latter service is one, which is supposed to resolve to my correct WAN IP address, at home, if a client computer executes the command

host dirkmittler.homeip.net

But unfortunately, starting from some point in time unknown to me, this look-up has returned an inaccurate IP address. This is going to have affected the visibility of my blog, since maybe August 20? I do not know of what use it will be to have my IP address registered, if the hierarchy of DNS servers does not reflect my real IP address.

This is even stranger, because the IP-address registered at DynDNS has remained correct, and has kept pointing to my home network.

The only thing I was able to do to correct this problem, was to log in to DynDNS, and to reset the information there manually.



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