About The Translations – And The Missing Pieces Of Text

This article is Outdated as of 05/04/2017, because the ‘Transposh’ plugin has been switched off – by me, the Author: (Before, )


This “WordPress.org” site uses the “Transposh” plugin to generate translations by machine. I thank the founder of Transposh, Ofer Wald, who released his Open-Source plugin, which has simplified my goal of providing German and French versions of my blog.

An important word of caution however remains, that machine translations are often wrong. This is the price I paid to be ecumenical, at zero effort to me. Now, the plugin allows the blogger to proof-read the translations, and to make corrections to each phrase, which are in turn stored in a database belonging to the blog. Unfortunately though, I do not always take the time to proof-read, and in French, even if I was to detect an error, my skills in the written language are not enough to correct them, which my skills in written German barely are.

Therefore, if you are reading something under




Please bear in mind that a sinister meaning on my part is less likely, than a blatant translation error by some machine, plus a failing on my part to have entered manual translations. OTOH, the version under


Is faithful to my original meaning.



(Edit 10/09/2017 : )

The effects which this plug-in had on my postings are not entirely gone. It used to be that I’d specify pieces of text, which I did not want translated, like so:

[tp no_translate="y"] Some technical stuff that Transposh cannot translate correctly. [/tp]

Well, because I had these WordPress-shortcodes (in square brackets) in many of my postings, I next did not want them displayed anymore, since Transposh was no longer installed to service them. So I installed another plug-in, which removes specific short-codes. The result is often, that text which I did not at first want translated, has disappeared entirely with the short-codes.

I’m sorry if that makes some of my posting difficult to understand.


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