About the Dates / Modification Time-Stamps

As one of my practices in this blog, whenever I edit an existing posting, I also denote on which day the most-recent edit took place. My time-stamps do not aim to be more accurate than to within one day.

Therefore, it can happen that I edit a posting, say, on June 26. Then, a reader may come back to my blog on June 26 and see that one of the postings was just modified. That reader could re-read the posting, and feel he’s up-to-date, especially since the date-last-edited will not change to anything other than June 26 for some time to come.

But in reality, the same reader could still be missing an update. And the reason for this would be the possibility that I might have edited the same article again, on June 26, but after the reader reread the posting earlier within the same day. If the reader wants the most up-to-date version of a posting, which is marked as last-edited on June 26, the best idea may be to come back on June 27 to do so.



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